March 12, 2023

MIPIM World 2023

Event type

Live event


Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France


3 days


10,000+ participants

World's largest real estate conference

Live workshops

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Marta Rocamora Gonzalez speaking at MIPIMWorld 2023

Marta, our esteemed CEO, is honored to be a speaker at The MIPIM Co-Liv Summit. Join her as she passionately engages with fellow professionals, delving into the captivating realm of coliving. Prepare to gain invaluable insights and be inspired by Marta's expertise in this dynamic field.

About MIPIM World

MIPIM is a catalyst for concrete solutions, combining face-to-face discussions, thought leadership, development opportunities and global capital to drive change. We connect and inspire the international real estate community to create more sustainable, liveable and prosperous places for all.

MIPIM Co-Liv Summit

What is the MIPIM Co-Liv Summit?

For the first time at MIPIM, a major new international event on the rising trend of coliving took place!

Launched in partnership with Co-Liv, the leading global association of co-living professionals, the MIPIM Co-Liv Summit is a yearly event to bring together the sector’s leading players that educate through sharing best practices and conference sessions on key trends, connect through networking events and ultimately empower the sector to deliver great places.

MIPIM Co-Liv Summit is open to all coliving enthusiasts, investors, developers, operators, cities, architects, agents and consultants.

Why the coliving at MIPIM?

This new event responds to the rise of coliving, a form of residential development that provides shared living space for its residents. The MIPIM Co-Liv Summit will keep the MIPIM community updated on current trends and investment opportunities on this emerging residential asset class. Coliving has the potential to address global issues around the shortage in housing many cities face by providing new, affordable lifestyle options for residents whilst providing dense, large-scale forms of living.

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