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A one stop shop agency for business management.

Driven by community, grounded in the art of shared spaces.

All rooted in human and community-based values.



Flexible real estate

Community building

Franchise network


Learning & development

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Needed to look at freshening up your options to optimize your portfolio?

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Found yourself needing to evaluate and compete in a flex space environment?

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Created an alternative real estate company & need to level-up operations?

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Wondered about launching in Spain, Portugal, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, UAE or Japan and don't know where to start?

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Explore implementing a community-based business into your franchise model?

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Just raised funds and need to grow quickly without losing your true company essence?

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Dreamed of creating a community but don't know where to go next?

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They are tailored based of the current state of your organization.

We are experts in bringing it all together while creating a community to execute and deliver on your special projects.

Unleashing Operations

Shared space development

From conceptualization to launch. Whether it is your co-working, co-living, living or a subniche never explored we help you every step of the way.

Developing Leadership

Community led-growth

When community is done right it’s a thread that runs through and empowers your entire organization.

Cultivating Innovation

Operating community tools

Transform real estate strategy and diversified business models by adopting new tools.

Community as a service
From ad hoc, in person experiences, one off content strategy to hiring your next community agent.

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Who do we work with?

Our clients cross borders, develop with passion, select incredible people and have the foresight to strive for serious results. We serve visionaries who want to shake up mature industries and newcomers searching for the right fertile ground.

Our expertise lies in


Biz dev


Community design

Talent acquisition



Space as a service

Explore our spaces designed to support intentional growth: inspiring locations to gather, share and evolve.



Club 71

Workspaces, tailor made events, workshops, conference room, mentorship, community, conciergery - a business home.


Can Feliu

Off sites, corporate retreats, brainstorming sessions, studio, pool, recharge in nature. - a grounding retreat.


Agua Marina

Off site, retreat, trainings, reflective exploration - an incentive to share.

Santo Domingo

Coming soon

The Pines

Studio, recording room, office space, pool, co living,  digital nomad dream - a creative hub.


Coming soon


South Africa

Coming soon

Cape Town


Coming soon


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Our people.

Colorful diagram showcasing diversity and different capabilities and approaches of the people that work with us, with the concept of being community centric in the middle to anchor the importance of execution as a whole.


We are a group of individuals with a passion for community - bringing great people together makes us happy.

We believe in the transformational power of doing. We care about building lasting relationships and deliver fantastic work environments in the process. We are focused on solving real pains for our clients, especially to sustain their growth and to innovate by finding common ground.

an icon with a red light bulb sparking ideas in due time.

Time is cyclical

Learn from the past, prepare for the future, be in the now. All can be done, yet not all at the same time. Use the wisdom of ebbs & flows to thrive consciously.

a green icon showcasing two circles of people interconnected and impacting one another.

Relationships are

Diversity as an ongoing opportunity: to actively listen to appreciate different expectations, communications styles  and be able to adapt locally.

a golden smiley face icon healthy pace of growth and curiously learning.

Life is growth.

Humbly accepting the interdependence of all. Recognizing clear boundaries so we can provide safe spaces to grow directly and precisely.

a blue icon moving forward with its projects and business with confidence, speed and ease.

Trust is the path forward.

We are designing from trust and transparency, recognizing execution and innovation go together to unlock abundance, genius, cooperation and community.

Does this sound like you?